Monday, 16 May 2011

i miss youu... :"(

i miss you .
i miss your text messages .
i miss your phone calls .
i miss your voice .!
i miss your laughter !
i miss those eyes !
and those lips ~
i miss the way you scolded me .
and the way we talked on the phone until 4 am .
i miss when we hang out until 3 am~

i want you to play guitar for m

and i sing the song that we love 
i miss the way you lied to me                                                                                                  
i miss your body scent .
i miss your kiss .
i miss your touch ~
ohh .. it feels so real until now .
i miss you .
i need you .
i miss you . i miss you . i miss you  ~

** p/s : awak tau  tak awak sangat sweet !
damn ! i really really really fall in loVe with
you, my only one ! :)

                                                                                                  LOVE :))

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